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Articles, playbooks, templates & handbooks - this will appear here soon - watch it carefully!

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Community building just started in Jan '23. What's granted is a mailed set of knowledge bits and hints. Leave your email - you won't regret it. More to come!

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I give you a hand, share knowledge, manage & do whatever is required to bring value to your initiative. Check it out.

All the time over my career during various initiatives, the key was to build on shared knowledge and team development. For a long time time, I was giving it back to the people I worked with to let others grow and experience undiscovered areas. With the opportunity of this online “Go For Value” spot, I wish you also can leverage knowledge and grow together within our community

The aim is to maximize the value of your projects with use of project management, customer-centric methods & tools. 

There are various project management methods, productive habits, agile frameworks or design thinking and lean startup approaches supported by many newly appearing tools. You may read about it, learn and push for applying. But, what is bringing real effect? How to combine all of it together? When to apply them? How to understand if you go in right direction? So, many questions to make the setup successful.

Hope the community and set of materials will help you to make it in an effective way.

What others say

What you give is what you get! If you consider to work with me , then I am happy to share what my clients say
Joel Trincherini

Joel Trincherini

Director IT East Asia & Australia, Philip Morris

Structured, organized, practical but at the same time creative, innovative and looking to experiment. When introducing Agile in a highly performing PMO, Wojtek combined all his core values to transform our ways of working while ensuring and safeguarding business value created

Ryszard Skarbek

Ryszard Skarbek

Founder, Empowerment Coaching

Wojtek is a rounded project manager with a proven record of practical experience. His experience and maturity truly make a difference. He is genuinely interested in building strong relationships that are based on trust, agreements, reliability, and deliverables...

Jennifer Bower

Jennifer Bower

Program Manager, Nestle

I particularly appreciated Wojtek's calm, methodical approach and how he was able to bring a complex, hazy scope to final delivery with a geographically spread remote team. He was a pleasure to work with and the whole team appreciated his strong leadership, transparent approach but also his flexibility to adapt ways of working to fit the particular needs of the team.

Jakub Ukraiński

Jakub Ukraiński

Financial Reporting Manager, Mars

Wojtek's leading style as PM served the project very well - business acumen, agility, and leading teams - he excelled in those fields. He quickly grasped needed functional information and become the most valuable team asset, being key factor in project delivery. I wish to work together again.

Rafał Urbanelis

Rafał Urbanelis

Delivery Partner, BPX

Wojtek is one of the best, most senior, and most qualified project or program managers I know. Always professional, always straight, responsible, and trustworthy. We share the same values: transparency and honesty. On top of all above, Wojtek is a really great guy and fun to work with. Highly recommended!

Sylwia Gibas

Sylwia Gibas

Operations Manager, Lyson

Patience, flexibility, and willingness to understand our company’s needs followed by adapting them to its specificity are the aspects that highlight Wojtek among others. Thanks to his professionalism, commitment & regular follow up contributed to effective cooperation at every stage of work and carrying out the project on time


Go for value! – what is about?

The Target is to create learning spot for professionals who are driving initiatives in their companies and struggle to achieve value and customer satisfaction. Learnings I have worked over projects delivering new solutions or process Read more…

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