The mission: Maximising value of your projects with use customer centric methods.

in simple words, place where you will be able to find knowledge, materials, tips and other professionals like you to help you deal with achieving value in your projects

(Future) target

To create learning spot for professionals with range of services which will help driving various initiatives in their companies and solve the struggle to achieve value and customer satisfaction.

If it doesn’t add value, it’s a waste, Henry Ford

There are various project management methods, productive habits, agile frameworks or design thinking and lean startup approaches. You may read about it, learn and push for applying. But, what is bringing real effect? How to combine all of it together? When to apply them? How to understand if you go in right direction? So, many questions to make the set up successful.

Here, you should find answers. “Go for value” will provide knowledge & experience of managers, facilitators and practitioners in easy to understand way, ready to be used next day in your day to day business live.

(Short term) expectations

We will start with having regular articles, valuable newsletter and handful ebooks. The topics will be driven by interest and feedback received.

There is also an apetite to grow a group which will build supporting community of professionals.

The more you share the more you have, Leonard Nimoy