I’m Wojtek.

I call myself Project Manger who searches for the value. Let me explain – why.

There was one day, I decided to maximise value in all what I do

Now – I want help others to achieve the same.

My story

It may sound short & simple, as everyone should wish the same.

However, this decision lead me to change my professional path in another direction few years back.

I have spent years within IT department in multinational organisation. I have learned and gained a lot skills and experience through various ambitious projects. The organisation was well set with methods, technology and culture but as well with biases, assumptions and belief in given structure.

Not always, this what & how have been delivered, was getting common sense or getting successful delivery. Over years, It was getting clear to me that ….

there are ways to work effectively delivering valuable solutions & same time keeping teams motivated and efficient.

I have learned and experienced many ways to achieve it over last 5 years. Not all of them are worth to repeat, but some definitely are. Since 2020, I consult independently & drive projects with use of best approaches.

Now, my aim is to build the group of people with similar way of thinking and gather essence of methods and tools which will address above issues.

My why

All what you can expect from your project is delivery of the value. I work with leads, teams, projects & organisations to get that value in most smart way using modern practices & methods. Every situation might be improved.

I am ready to share, drive or consult depending on your and your organisation needs.

There is plenty methods and tools, it’s easy to be lost in it. Using waterfall or agile, maybe hybrid. Is Kanban better, or elements of Scrum. Which planning approach to take? What customer centric steps to take – should I experiment or skip it?

I wish to make it easier for all managing own smaller and bigger initiatives, do it with help of community, group of people who feel like me that business live might be more effective.

My experience

Professional life experienced me through various roles, in a nutshell here is how doe it look:

  • Lead ng various IT projects and PMOs at the global scale working with use of waterfall and Agile project management frameworks
  • Managed 40+ people, international project teams for the systems implementation, transitions and integrations.
  • Managed global HR solutions servicing 60k+ users and defining their roadmaps, enhancements and transformations.
  • Built, developed and managed innovation program as add-on to Project Methodology for EU&EEMA Shared Service Center
  • Provided practice & advise of Agile, Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Project Management.
  • Built Project Management Methodology for mid size production business
  • Focused always on people as main success factor for any delivery, immersing change as natural, constant and foreseen development engine.

My detailed work story you can find on LinkedIn.