My target is to create learning spot for professionals who are driving various initiatives in their companies and struggle to achieve value and customer satisfaction.

There are various project management methods, productive habits, agile frameworks or design thinking and lean startup approaches. You may read about it, learn and push for applying. But, what is bringing real effect? How to combine all of it together? When to apply them? How to understand if you go in right direction? So, many questions to make the set up successful.

Here, you should find answers. „Go for value” will provide knowledge & experience of managers, facilitators and practitioners in easy to understand way, ready to be used next day in your day to day business live.

If it doesn’t add value, it’s a waste, Henry Ford

I have worked over projects, people management and inner services design for 20 years. I experienced various business frameworks, project management methods dealing with multicultural environments and weaker and stronger teams. I have got certification in many of them. But that’s not that important, rather than I experienced and observed a lot.

I was being taught to use exactly particular method, on another time completely opposite, mix of them. Sometimes, I was forced to get in politics, another time politics was killing sense of deliverables. There were times were poor-value results were sold as great success, other times great delivered value was not even appreciated. I developed myself to manage initiatives, teams and organisations to focus on real value, customer value, what was driving my own successes.

I see strong need in professionals to find the way how to focus on real value and achieving real results. I changed my business life into independent consulting where I can focus only on work which indeed deliver the value. Nowadays, apart of consulting job, I decided to develop such virtual place in to share my and others life learnings.   

The more you share the more you have, Leonard Nimoy

Here, I will gather important aspects of most efficient methods, share practical examples, cases and invite knowledgeable guests which will share their experience and hints with you. I have hope to build spot of materials which will help many of you in day o day business life.

Let the value be with you!

Wojtek Kalucki

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